My first blog

  Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog!!!

How it all started:

How did i end up with a website?

How did i end up with a studio?

How did i end up with a business?

The answer is simple……If you can dream it you can do it!





I have been doing photography for 11 years now, started in college and worked on a cruise liner for a number of years. Not exactly what I had envisioned but completely worth every moment. Each contract would be 6-8 months long. It got to the point when I would return home I missed my family and mostly I wanted a family of my very own. I was unsatisfied with cruising and tired of the endless parties, warm weather, exotic beaches and late night cocktails on the decks of the ship! (crazy I know)


In 2007 Exposure Photography opened its doors, I have never looked back. Its hard to call it a job when you love what you do. I have pretty much photographed everything and anything, if I’m not photographing cheeky teeny tots and their amazing smiles, there are no words for their absolute cuteness, or capturing the magic of a family,  photographing beautiful bellies and the incredible miracles that they produce, or snapping away at  little puppy dogs with there big wet kissable noses. Witnessing the true love from a couple or spending an afternoon with a blushing bride and her new husband is all precious to me. So if anyone asks me if  I like me job, I simply say Yes I love and breath my job Iget that feeling when I sit down and know….really know… that im doing exactly what im supposed to be doing.          


In June 2008 myself, and my partner Peter’s, lives where going to change for ever. We found out we were having a baby. We found our happiness in the world and we were about to begin an amazing journey together. We had created the most beautiful baby belly. Our pregnancy went so fast it also went by the book. (lucky I know)  You cant explain it until you have done it for yourself so any mums reading this you know  exactly what I mean. No words fit, nothing describes your emotions, its beyond beautiful. The day you become a mum is the best day ever.


Pierce may only be 4 months old and YES he is the most photographed baby. He looks like his Daddy and poses like him to! What could be a more incredible life for me? I have no idea. This is bordering pretty good on perfection for me, not only do I get to capture the love in my photographs but I get to feel it to. A mums job reaps the benefits, you get paid in pure love. Creating adorable pictures of Pierce and seeing his fabulous personality already. Here we are watching Pierce Grow. Let me know what you think?







3 days old

 daddys finger







Thanks go out Garry Brown who has done a wonderful job for me and made my website exactly what i wanted plus more.


  1. by angela on July 7, 2009  4:43 pm Reply

    i love andrea taking my photos , shs air brushes me to perfection .. and of course im so proud of her both in her career and as a mum she works hard and plays even harder . i love you my gorgeous daughter .. xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. by Mcbott on August 5, 2009  12:22 pm Reply

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  3. by Bill Bartmann on September 2, 2009  5:06 pm Reply

    I'm so glad I found this site...Keep up the good work

  4. by ChrisPark on September 5, 2009  3:24 pm Reply

    Hello. My name is Chris. I'm from USA. I'm new to this forum, i was hoping you could maybe teach me some stuff.

    This is me-> - Just so you know who i am! feel free to post your own photos. Allways best to know who you talk to!

  5. by vicki.x on September 8, 2009  11:52 am Reply

    Andy, pierce is stunning. I cant wait to see more pics of him growing and turning into a handsome toddler. Hes beautiful.x.
    Love Vicki. X.x.x.x

  6. by Catherine on September 21, 2009  11:45 am Reply

    This site is fabulous!!
    What a gorgeous series of images, brought a tear to my eye.
    So proud of you for all youve achieved. Love ya loads, and big kisses to Pierce.
    Love Catherine & Louie

  7. by KepDeexiAOrep on October 11, 2009  11:17 am Reply

    Hello, its really interesting, You have a wonderful site, im so glad i found put a lot into your work, thanks

  8. by HenleyL on October 12, 2009  10:04 pm Reply

    Hey, I really enjoy your blog. I have a blog too in a totally unrelated field (Online Stock Trading) but I like to check in here on a regular basis, just to see what's going on and it's always interesting to say the least. It's always entertaining what people have to say.

  9. by scoscoscoggins on October 22, 2009  11:12 pm Reply

    Hey there Buddy,

    Nice site. Some interesting and informative posts man :) I know, I am creeping,lol. I hope can produce something like this myself one day. Who did you source your templates from?

    Hopefully some of you kind souls could help me out a little here. I am hoping to find someone who I was informed told used to be a member with this site. They did use to use the tag 'peenbole'.

    Because I am wanting to start my own website on beauty related products for products such as: best teeth whitening strips (hence the where did you get your templates from,lol) but am having realllll difficulty getting hold of dropshippers for these goods. I had been in touch with this guy but my PC got stolen and unfortunately had all my contact details on it (I know, I know, should have backed it up :( )

    So if you folks have heard or seen anything of him could you send me a message please? Failing that maybe one of you guys knows someone?

    Also, which hosting do you use as I keep informed not so good things about the host I am thinking of hosting my site with. Plus any other useful tips you could give re starting up my website would be useful and much appreciated.

    I do hope that someone has useful knowledge on this

    Thanks Buddy,

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